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Whether it’s your own bungalow, a building, an apartment complex or a gated community, security of residential premises is of utmost importance. The personal safety of the residents as well as the premises is challenging. With staff, delivery/courier coming your way to people trespassing your premises, we understand the need to keep the residents safe and secure.

The integrated security solutions offered by ADISYS ensure that your premise is secure and restricts unauthorized people to enter your personal space. Now it’s easy to know who came to your doorstep in your absence, even from remote locations. Live monitoring of your house or building helps you and the security personnel to stay alert and avoid any mishap due to breaking and entering, attempted trespassing or theft. It also helps ensure that your loved ones are safe at home.

Our Residential Services:

  • Perimeter Security: Securing and monitoring the entry and exit points to your home or residential complex through RFID technology that allows only authorized vehicles to enter the premises. Access control and Biometric controls at the restricted or members-only area help you maintain the privacy and security of your premises
  • HD Video Surveillance: With motion detection HD Video Surveillance, you can monitor your home even when you are away. High-quality video can be streamed on your mobile phone to ensure that your home is secure and safe at all times. This also helps you monitor the activity of your domestic help and healthcare providers for the elderly and young children at home
  • Smart Home Control Systems: The state-of-the-art video intercoms ensure that you are safe at home. With wireless connected systems, you can install these cameras at any location of your house and keep you home safe and secure
  • Anti-theft Systems: Sensors that alerts you when someone opens the door or breaks a glass along with motion detectors keep your premises safe from any intrusion and the possibility of theft. The Surveillance as a Service helps you monitor the house from remote locations
  • Aesthetic Lighting Solutions: Motion sensing LED lights not only beautify your home but also keeps your home safe from any intrusion
  • Fire Safety Alarms: Keep your premises safe from fire with the gas leak, fire safety and smoke detector alarms offered by ADISYS.

With ADISYS integrated security systems, your residential premises are secure and you can feel safe in your haven. For more details about our residential solutions, Contact Us