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With our extensive experience, we understand the security challenges faced by manufacturing units such as theft and tampering to machinery, equipment and cargo. Our security systems are tailor-made to cater to these needs. We also build customized video solutions to serve their advanced need around the videos.

Our Solutions Include:
  • HD Video Solutions to monitor Men & Machine on the Production Floor
  • Data Center for HD Video Storage for Process Audit
  • Videowall for Industry 4.0
  • Protect Intellectual property of organization from theft
  • Avoid Altercations by employees (crowd gathering alert)
  • Alert movement of people in Sterile / Sensitive zones (Nitrogen, Flammable Fuel/Gas, Ammonia Storage, etc. )
  • Video Track movement of cargo from Factory premises to shipper/customer
  • Video Track Factory Vehicles



Safeguarding the well being of all students and staff is a primary concern for educational institutions today. As an experienced school security solution providers we supply full support to your schools or campusus and provide in depth solutions such as:

  • Video Surveillance of the Campus
  • Video and GPS based tracking of School Vehicles
  • Attendance Management Systems
  • Video Solutions for Classroom Lecture recording
  • Fire Safety Solutions for Education Institutes
  • Video Wall Solutions
  • Interactive LED/LCD Displays



As an experienced video solution provider for various retail sectors , we understand the challenges and threats the retail enterprise faces and our solutions are tailor-made and aligned with your security needs.

Our Unique Solutions Include:
  • HD Video Monitoring of Cash Registries
  • Non-Intrusive Visual Surveillance of Store
  • Custom Solutions for Cold Storage Video Monitoring
  • Retail Analytics: People Counting, Heat Maps, In-Store traffic patterns, etc
Retail stores



We have a sound experience of providing powerful video solutions to various healthcare industries viz. hospitals, medical research institutes, mobile clinics, etc.

Our Healthcare Solutions help to monitor:
  • Safety and Security to Patients & Staff
  • Alert movements of personal in sterile zones
  • Alert crowd gathering at Check-in/Check-out Counters
  • Monitor unauthorized movements of vehicles and personal in hospitals premises



At ADISYS we provide video solutions that is non-intrusive and aesthetically customized products for Hotels & Resort Surveillance.

Solutions Include:
  • HD Video Surveillance to protect customers, staff & property
  • Perimeter Video Solutions to avoid tresspassing into Hotel property
  • Video Solutions with LED Lighting for Landscape Areas
  • Zone Based Video Solutions to alert access of facilities in restricted hours (Swimming Pools, Gyms, Saunas, etc.)
Hotels & Resorts



We have wide understanding, knowledge, and expertise related to security needs of the government buildings and infrastructure through our extensive work in this sector by participating in tenders. Our solutions enhance the capability of our customers in dealing with their security requirements.

Our Solutions customized for Protecting Public Infrastructure, Dams, Thermal & Hydro Power Plants, Mines, Public Transpiration, etc.

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