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Security is incredibly important to farms and other agricultural environments to protect crops and agricultural equipment. This is where ADISYS makes your job a lot easier. Agricultural fields and farms are remote and typically without convenient electricity. Overcome such complications with our eco-friendly Solar Powered Surveillance Cameras. Each camera includes integrated WiFi connectivity and with ADISYS Cloud-i Services, access your videos on a web-based user interface, which means you can access your cameras from any PC or mobile device via web browser – with no software to purchase or install.

Our video surveillance systems can help ensure that agricultural operations run smoothly, making certain that consumers receive a safe quality product while protecting crops, animals, equipment, and facilities from harm and misuse.


Our Solutions Provide

  • Monitor Crop Growth – HD Video Solutions provide live video streaming of crop growth and monitoring use of fertilizers and pesticides, helpful in managing contract farm operations
  • Intruder Detection – Cameras and sensors strategically placed in the farm/fields will capture images of anyone entering the property. This coverage helps to ensure that only authorized workers gain access to the farm and its facilities.
  • Protection of valuable resources – Resources such as water, livestock etc. are very critical when it comes to agriculture. Farm security cameras can play an important role in providing real time information about the condition and use of such resources.
  • Preventing break-ins – Installing farm security cameras around your property will deter burglars from breaking in. The cameras will capture them in the act.
  • Monitor daily operations – Daily operations such as milking, watering the crops, etc. can be monitored and ensured a smooth execution. Any event can be immediately updated and necessary actions can be set into effect.
  • Access Control – Our Access Control Management System has proven effective in monitoring employee behavior and granting access permissions to only those employees allowed access to certain resources or equipment.
  • Remote playback and monitoring – With our Cloud database, access and view your facility remotely. Have instant access to your surveillance anytime, anywhere.