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An Anti-Theft system is designed to help retailers minimize their shoplifting losses while maintaining an accurate record of their inventory by using a concept called Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS). EAS Systems usually work by emitting radio frequency in a specific area. Tags or labels entering this area disrupt the signal, resulting in the sounding of an alarm, which then alerts the shop attendants to the possibility of items being removed from the store.


Why Anti-Theft Systems?

  • Cost Effective deterrent against theft of merchandise
  • RFID based location-tracking of products
  • Detect theft with identification of the shoplifter
  • Allow staff to concentrate on “Selling”; not on shoplifting customers ensuring better customer service
  • Reduce stock losses- prevent employee theft from store-rooms and warehouses
  • Lower labor costs- Physical Security is reduced to having guards only at gateways



  • Complete Electronic Article Surveillance Systems
  • Door Sensors
  • Detachers and Deactivators
  • Integrated Video Surveillance Systems with EAS Systems
  • Maintenance of an accurate inventory
  • RFID based product tracking (Inventory Management)