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Every Manufacturing Unit faces a host of serious security threats. With the ever-tightening budgets and the ever-changing policies and regulations, a secure industrial plant requires solutions that can keep assets and personnel safe, along with maintaining the quality of production. Regardless of the size of the manufacturing unit, every industrial plant faces the same security threats, ranging from safe arrival of raw materials and parts, securing manufacturing processes, protection against theft and accidental damage to the final delivery of the finished product.


ADISYS uses the help of Manufacturing and Industrial Safety specialists to design your security solutions that help keep your premise, personnel and assets safe and secure. Our specially designed system ensure that you are able to monitor and mitigate risk from any remote location. With ‘Call and SMS’ features to supplement the Surveillance as a Service feature (CLOUD based service), your business is always free from risks and threats. Our integrated security solutions ensure that the costs are controlled along with improving productivity

Our offerings for the Manufacturing Industry:
  • Line Management: With HD Cameras to monitor the production lines on shop floor and the video walls, where the employees can see themselves working, it becomes easier to monitor factual and behavioral trends on the shop floor. This helps increase the productivity and mitigate any risk or accidents
  • Perimeter Security: The state-of-the-art intruder detection system helps the security personnel monitor the premises, even during non-working hours. The call + SMS feature help avoid any untoward incident caused due to perimeter breach. 24x7 surveillance cameras at the main entry and exit points along with perimeter control barriers help keep your premises safe and secure
  • Employee Access Management: Tracking employee movement and real-time assessment of employee time-sheet. Our access management systems also keep a track of your critical, authorized-personnel only areas and help you protect your assets
  • Asset/Inventory Management: As an industrial unit, it is important for you to track the movement of your assets/inventory. With entry-point screening for restricted areas using RFID Tags and Biometric systems, ADISYS Security Systems ensure that your inventory is safe and any risk from theft and accident is mitigated
  • Fire Alarm Safety Systems: Keeping your factory, warehouse and industrial unit safe from fires and fire related accidents becomes a top-most priority for your security personnel. Fire Detectors along with notification applications made available on the phones of your security personnel along with Smoke Detection Alarms and use of conventional and addressable panels, assuage any risk from fire
  • Mobility Solutions: With the ADISYS Mobile Surveillance solution, you can track the vehicles and the driver/occupants through in-vehicle monitoring, wireless transmission with real-time data monitoring and GPS tracking. This helps you track your assets and reduces the risk of theft during transit


ADISYS Security Solutions ensure that your premises and personnel are safe, secure and productive. To know more about the security solutions for Manufacturing or Industrial Units, Contact Us.