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Vehicle Tracking System



Vehicle Surveillance and Telematics enables you to monitor your driver’s interaction with customers, vehicle environment, vehicle location (current and past) by SMS notifications etc. This increases employee productivity and ensures safety of the travelers.

Blackbox is another novel concept developed for monitoring in vehicles. This needs to be installed by every vehicle owners since it provides much convenience with security. Any information in regard to crash on roads, can be collected at short time. The speed driven, seat belt worn by the driver or any information can be recorded and submitted as the proof.

Why Vehicle Surveillance?

  • Real-Time Monitoring of multiple vehicles over the internet.
  • Prevent Vandalism and Theft of the target vehicle
  • Vehicle tracking – ride history and present location
  • Evidence for Investigations to Insurance Companies
  • Video Surveillance in Ambulances help monitor patient condition, refute false accusations and aid in future treatment of patients


  • Real-Time Surveillance (interior and exterior of the vehicle)
  • SMS alerts to signify programmed events
  • School-Bus surveillance systems – GPS, GSM, Video Surveillance
  • Integrated Vehicle Surveillance, Security and Access Control Systems for Cash-In-Transit Vehicles
  • Monitor all vehicles in your business on a single software or web page
  • Rear View Cameras for safer maneuverability during jam-packed situations