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Warehouses are responsible for millions of dollars of equipment and stock, making them a target for theft, vandalism and other crimes. Therefore protecting personnel, the operational activities and the goods is critical. While security guards are a deterrent to would-be burglars, there are more effective ways to prevent break-ins and other unwanted activity. Monitoring staff using CCTV systems, specialized IP cameras, and security cameras can help owners enhance employees’ safety while at the same time, protecting their products and equipment.

ADISYS, combines a number of surveillance products such as Security Systems, Access Management Systems, etc. into a fully integrated solution, which when combined with our cloud, can grant access to real-time surveillance or past footage to users anytime and anywhere. This enables you to monitor sensitive areas of your warehouse and oversee daily operations.

Our Solutions Provide
  • Monitor Goods Inwards and Outwards Installing cameras at pick-up and drop-off points can help maintain records of all stock coming in and going out of the warehouse.
  • Reduced theft – Implementing warehouse security cameras will discourage thieves and will protect your goods and products.
  • Quality Assurance - Ensure the quality products and smooth execution of operations in a timely manner at all parts of the warehouse.
  • Access Control - Using Access Control System, authorize and prevent certain employees from sensitive areas of your warehouse and from using equipment that the employee is not authorized to use.
  • Remote monitoring - Our Surveillance System allows you to broadcast the footage from your cameras over the internet. This is particularly helpful if you manage multiple warehouses or a very large facility.