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Entry Management System

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This system is designed to control the access for secured entry points for authorized personnel. The RFID, Fingerprint, Face Recognition features of this system keeps the unauthorized users at bay thus avoiding any unnecessary incidents from happening. It also serves as an attendance system for monitoring employees login and logout times. This can be integrated with the payroll system so as to have seamless processing of absent data, overtime, shift timings etc.

ADISYS also integrates walk-through metal detectors, X-Ray baggage Scanners, Security Wands/Hand-Held Metal Detectors, Boom Barriers, Turnstiles, Tyre Busters etc. into one synergistically working system to create a secure perimeter.

With this system, you will be able to detect and prevent malicious objects that pose a threat to people or property in the secured perimeter.

Features :

  • Efficient control of access for the authorized & unauthorized users
  • Real time monitoring of the employee attendance
  • Generation of various reports – Entry and exit timings, Time spent in office, Overtime, Shift Management etc.,
  • Integration with Payroll for easy processing of the salary payments
  • Suitable for all types of work locations such as factories, offices, Warehouse facilities etc.,


  • Sensitive detectors at entry-points
  • X-Ray Baggage Scanners
  • Controlled personnel movement with Turnstiles
  • RFID Integrated Boom Barriers
  • Access Control for employees at critical areas
  • Real-time user-statics on (use of entry points)