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Perimeter Security System



These Systems are designed with the primary purpose to either keep intruders out or your workforce contained within the bounded area. ADISYS offers Perimeter Protection Systems that assure total security for industries, residences, hotels, resorts, retails, etc.

Levels of Perimeter Protection:

Indoor Perimeter Protection:

Entrance, Windows, Doorways, and Balconies may be protected with Infrared Photo-beam detectors and PIR Moon sensors.

Outdoor Perimeter Protection:

Compound walls, Fences can be protected with Laser-based and Microwave barriers generating electromagnetic fields or Infrared detectors.

Features :

  • Generates alarm when there is a breach
  • Sends out an email / SMS to the concerned authority altering them the breach
  • Integrated CCTV captures the intruder’s identification and sends a live feed to the concerned authority
  • Reduces the physical manning of the huge perimeter by security personnel thus saving costs
  • Secures the physical integrity of the premises


  • Boundary Surveillance: Detect a break-in before it occurs
  • Laser Fence: Detect motion on or below the fence
  • Buried Cable Detection Systems
  • Microwave Sensors: Short or long range transceivers for gates, entryways, rooftop etc.
  • Infrared Sensors: Stand-alone high-performance Photo-beam sensors