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Solution Matrix


ADISYS aims to create a synergistically working hardware and IT-enabled Service (ITeS) systems. These systems are customized at ADISYS to meet the specific business requirements of our clients. Our experience across diverse industries has allowed us to deliver varied information technology-enabled services to IT and ITeS verticals.

ADISYS believes in the application and execution of the latest technologies and processes to deliver top-notch ITeS solutions such as:

  • Secure Enterprise DataCom Network (Wireless, Optical & Copper)
  • Remote IT Infrastructure Management
  • Integrate Custom Software to Hardware
  • Fast and reliable Cloud Database
  • Data Center to store Surveillance data

video solution


It is extremely important to choose an appropriate Video Solutions / Visual Surveillance strategy for any organization because a security incident can severely damage your many years of success and reputation.  Our smart video Security solutions not only provides unrivaled levels of security in protecting your business but also focuses on leveraging  the huge amount of video footage collected to derive business insights / analytics for process management.

Salable 4K IP Video Solutions for:

  • Behavioral Monitoring
  • Real-Time Situation awareness
  • Incident Reconstruction
  • Intellectual Property Protection
  • Avoid employee altercations
  • Production Floor Monitoring
  • Quality Control Sampling Process, etc


ADISYS Surveillance Analytics Solutions help organizations make sense of the vast amounts of security video and/or data that is collected. This system generates processed information for more effective decisions and immediate action and response. This powerful suite of integrated analytic systems will automatically send alerts about significant events to authorized personnel as and when they occur.

With its high reliability and scalability, ADISYS Analytics-driven solutions address security challenges of organizations and also enable organizations/business to optimize the business process in many industries of different sizes.

ADISYS Analytics Solutions provide:

  • Enhanced real-time situational awareness and threat detection
  • Incident video reconstruction to train employees
  • Root Cause analysis of safety-related events
  • Reduced employee altercations
  • Analyzed data to prevent undesirable situations in the future
  • Custom Analytics to address business needs

IM - Copy


At ADISYS, we strive to provide an Identity Management System tailored to your every need. Our data sensors support a combination of technologies - RFID, Fingerprint, Face Recognition, etc.

Our Identity Management System deals with identifying individuals in a system (such as a country, a network, or an enterprise) and controlling their access to resources within that system by associating user rights and restrictions with the established identity.

The system also aids payroll as it maintains the employee details such as Login and Logout timing, resources used by an employee etc. and real-time reports can be generated based on the collected data.


  • Suitable for all types of work locations such as factories, offices, warehouse facilities etc.,
  • Efficient control of access
  • Real time monitoring of the employee attendance
  • Report Generation
  • Integration with Payroll for easy processing of the salary payments


Integrating ADISYS Cloud-i Solutions to your system, allows you to access your surveillance data from anywhere in the world. Cloud-i can provide a cost efficient, scalable and secure storage solution, customized to meet your requirements.

Cloud-i systems enable you to monitor your premise in real-time and helps you respond to events as and when they occur.Sensors and detectors integrated into the system will alert you of activity on the secured ground.

The data that is produced can be further be processed to produces meaningful information.

Our Systems Provide:

  • 100% private cloud
  • Access from anywhere
  • Real-Time monitoring
  • Requirement-specific Software
  • Highly Scalable Systems
  • Efficient Video Streaming

cloud solution


No longer is the Internet confined to computers and mobile devices. In today’s world, the internet is available to nearly every device that has an IP address. ADISYS takes this technology a step further by incorporating it into our e-Security and Automation systems to produce state-of-the-art integrated solutions.

Our Convergent Solutions are:

  • Integrated SMART LED Street Lighting with HD Video Cameras
  • Wireless Recording of Video over Mesh Network for Public Security
  • IoT solutions for Energy Meters
  • Cloud-enabled Video door phones (for business, apartments, and homes)
  • Integrated video solutions with Temperature and Humidity sensors for Green House
  • Real-Time Location Systems for Asset tracking in In-door environments

green energy


ADISYS not only strives to establish satisfied and contented customers but also does its part in protecting and caring for the environment. Keeping in mind the abundance of certain natural resources such as solar, wind etc. ADISYS has ventured into Green Energy Segment and has developed solutions that capitalize on such storehouses of energy while at the same time, developing and producing systems that fulfill your requirement.

Our Green Solutions Provide:

  • Energy Efficient SMART LED Systems
  • Captive Solar Plants
  • Solar UPS Systems
  • IoT software tools for Energy Meters
  • Cloud Solutions for energy data storage and analysis


Effective communication is of utmost importance to the growth and success of a business. Effective communication can help foster a good working relationship between you and your staff, which can, in turn, improve efficiency and achieve goals.

Today’s workforce is more geographically dispersed. This makes collaboration more challenging – and more important – than ever. Our Solutions will provide a secure network to connect to your workforce to aid communication and to ultimately establish a smooth-running business.

  • Secure Voice network throughout your organization
  • Public Address Systems
  • Crystal-clear IP & Analog Intercom Systems
  • Sound Systems for conference rooms